Crash Investigation

Crash InvestigationYears of experience in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents –  Perth,  North West and Kimberley areas

16 years reconstructing motor Vehicle accidents for the Insurance Commission of Western Australia

When it comes to in-depth, professional crash investigation services, Perth’s Affordable Private Investigators are the industry leaders for good reason. With 16 years’ experience in the investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle accidents, our team of specialists possess the necessary skills to provide comprehensive accident reports for use in both insurance claims and insurance fraud cases, as well as court and legal proceedings. Looking for complete motor vehicle accident investigations and reconstructions in Kimberley and Perth’s North West? Look no further than Affordable Private Investigators, the leading private investigators in Perth, WA.

We specialise in scientifically-robust crash investigation and accident reconstruction services, in conjunction with detailed accident reports. Affordable Private Investigators draw from various scientific disciplines in order to provide solid, logically-sound accident reports regarding crash investigations and accident reconstructions to ensure the fair and proper legal outcome is achieved. Here at Affordable Private Investigators, we are guided by a very simple yet highly effective principle: we explore every possible solution on a uniquely personalised case-by-case basis, accepting nothing at face value. This enables us to offer professional investigations, reconstructions, and reports founded upon critical analysis, scientific research, and clinical testing. Affordable Private Investigators provide expert, evidence-based hypotheses, rather than speculative, opinion-based theories.

Our highly-trained experts initially performed motor vehicle accident reconstructions for the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA), honing their skills in insurance fraud for almost two decades. This wealth of experience accrued over many years means Affordable Private Investigators are able to provide expert evidence across various lawsuits and cases in numerous Australian courts, as well as depositions in a range of motor vehicle liability cases. Rest assured, our team of private investigators have considerable experience in dealing with stringent legal proceedings, effectively offering reliable testimonies in court.

In choosing Affordable Private Investigators – located in Perth, WA – you’re choosing the best in motor vehicle investigation services. For total crash investigations, accident reconstructions, and carefully-considered reports for use in a court of law, work with the industry’s experts. Call Affordable Private Investigators today.