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Robert Masters is the principal partner behind Affordable Private Investigators (API) detective agency. His wealth of experience in law enforcement stems from his long and illustrious career with the Western Australia police force, where he served in Geraldton on general policing duties. He then joined the Serious and Fatal Traffic Accident branch, attending in excess of 6000 traffic accidents.

As one of three detectives based in Kalgoorlie for four years, Robert’s jurisdiction extended from the town of Southern Cross to Esperance in Western Australia, as well as towards both South Australian and Northern Territory borders and outposts in the Warburton Ranges, Laverton, and Sandstone.

During that period, he was involved in a number of arrests and subsequent convictions for various major crimes including: murder, armed robbery, gold stealing, corporate fraud, embezzlement, and offences against children, as well as a host of other serious felonies.

Robert left the WA police department with an unblemished record to work as an insurance agent with Colonial Mutual Life Assurance, eventually becoming an insurance broker. This invaluable experience provided him with a solid framework for heading thorough investigations into the complex cases of insurance fraud.

Since 1992, Robert has been operating as a private investigator, offering his particularly prized skillset to the public via a range of professional and ethical services. As his business has developed, Robert has meticulously assembled a crack team of experienced and driven private investigators from the Western Australian police force, whose personal records reflect his own unwavering standards of perfection.

“It is very important when choosing a private investigator that he or she has the proper qualifications, extensive knowledge, and necessary experience to successfully conduct investigations ethically and efficiently. The reason I have chosen former detectives from the Western Australian Police is that they are required to complete a thorough and comprehensive training program upon first entering into service. It is specially designed to provide them with the necessary skills to effectively enforce the law while ethically serving the community at large. After some time, and if selected, these officers are eligible to attend the Detective Training Program in order to further study the subtle complexities of the law, as well as engage in educational units to hone their already impressive skills, and ultimately reach promotion.

It is my sincere belief that not every policeman or policewoman makes for an effective private investigator – the same applies to any persons seeking to enter our industry from other walks of life. Our investigators are chosen because they possess the exceptional and unique skills imperative for effective investigative work, particularly: an innate ability to successfully communicate with a variety of individuals, vast tactical ‘on-ground’ experience, all coupled with strong analytical skills required to successfully compile the necessary evidence into a sustainable conclusion.

Our investigators receive in-house training in several operative fields: covert surveillance, sensitive Family Court matters, commercial litigation, crash investigations and many others not routinely performed by police.

In the many years I have served the public sector as a detective and private investigator, I have borne witness to numerous substandard investigative practices and vague, inconclusive results – all due to inexperienced, ill-prepared operatives that have caused their clients tremendous amounts of stress and resulting in even larger sums of money to rectify the mishandled situation.”

– Robert Masters

If you are depending on a trained professional to deal with delicate Family Court matters and they get it wrong, the effect this can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones is truly devastating. Seeking to obtain the services of a private investigator? Always inquire as to their qualifications and relevant experience before parting with your hard-earned money. Have them provide you with a quote in writing and a service contract if you do agree to go ahead – this is to protect you from being overcharged exorbitant rates for their service. It is also helpful to take written evidence of the experience these individuals claim to have.

Here at Affordable Private Investigators, we are ready, willing, and able to provide a professional, prompt, and expert service in all investigative domains. We guarantee your satisfaction with all our offered services, which are covered by our own professional indemnity policy.

The truth is out there, but sometimes, it’s hard to find – let API help you today.