Best Private Detective Agency at Affordable Prices

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If you’re looking for the best private detective agency with the most affordable prices, look no further than Affordable Private Investigators. Based in Perth, WA our team of experts has been proudly serving their city – as well as cities in Thailand and indeed, ones all over the world – as professional yet cost effective detectives. Our trusted and reputable agency offers industry leading services: whether you need comprehensive investigations conducted into internet scams or prompt results for missing person cases, we’ll be there. Our dedicated team of specially trained and accredited investigators also work on highly sensitive matters such as family court cases and infidelity investigations – all at the most affordable of prices.

As WA’s premier private detective agency, we offer a complete set of discreet investigation services. Our experienced agency is well versed in a whole host of high end investigative practices and procedures, providing a wide variety of individual clients and businesses with peace of mind. This includes expertise in electronic debugging and setting up sophisticated surveillance operations, in addition to effective process serving. We also offer thorough asset tracing services and conduct complex background checks into individuals such as employees.

Thanks to Western Australia’s Affordable Private Investigators, investigating cases of corporate fraud, insurance fraud, and workers compensation – as well as industrial accidents – couldn’t be easier. Our private detective agency based in Perth also possesses numerous industry contacts and networking links to countries such as Thailand – particular locales that are held to bureaucratic operations and government ‘red tape’. Our agency specialises in handling such delicate and sensitive cases with the precision, care, and professionalism needed to obtain satisfying results.

Whether you require professional agency services domestically in Australia or internationally in countries such as Thailand, our skilled detectives can handle your case – irrespective of its size, scope, or complexity.

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