Asset Tracing Investigation

A Hidden Asset tracing can include..

Affordable Private Investigators are professionally trained to carry out financial investigations such as Hidden Asset Searches into individuals as well as their involvement in private companies they may own or have interests/shares in. A person’s obvious assets and apparent financial standing could lie in stark contrast to the underlying truth. There are a variety of reasons why one would choose to conceal one’s actual assets from scrutiny. An asset search discreetly carried out by our crack team of private investigators can reveal this information regarding both domestic and offshore hidden assets and accounts.

In determining a person’s real wealth & financial standing, our expert detectives reconnoitre a variety of assets and valuable interests such as:

  • Property (both private and commercial) nationwide
  • Offshore properties (API can investigate into most countries across the globe)
  • Vehicles such as boats, cars, by surveillance or if recorded on search engines we have access to.
  • Banking within Australia if a person has borrowed money to purchase property or a vehicle, the bank or institution may appear on search engines or credit reporting agencies(though we cannot access the account itself)
  • Trusts & trust loans if recorded on search engines.
  • Pensions & insurance
  • Directorships
  • Private company shares
  • Overseas corporate interests

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that API will uncover the information you are looking for.

What hidden assets can we uncover?

In conducting our investigations, we are also able to work from any information you already hold about the party in question to aid us in discreetly uncovering well-hidden/disguised areas of wealth. Upon the conclusion of our financial investigation, API will provide you with the results in a report that may be used for your own private purposes or even legal action in a court of law.


The cost of any financial investigation we conduct is generally proportional to the amount of work required on our part, including the cost of using all the investigative resources and tools available to us to produce clear and concise results. After carefully assessing your case, API will propose an effective solution into investigating the areas where assets are most likely to be cached. Then, based on our recommendations in line with your expectations and requirements, we will agree upon a course of action and subsequently provide you with an estimated cost of the entire operation.


It is of the utmost importance to both API and our clientele that all our investigative contracts are carried out with deliberate discretion, sincere ethicality and great sensitivity. Our dedicated team of private investigators and trained detectives undertake each and every investigation – irrespective of its, size, complexity or fee –with unwavering professionalism whilst maintaining total discretion at all times.

Our Success

When it comes to the intricate task of asset tracing, API’s success rate in uncovering the true wealth of specifically targeted individuals is very high. Whilst certainly dependant on a case-by-case basis and bearing in mind we can’t uncover what isn’t there, API have been able to consistently produce exceptional results for our clients time after time. Much of our investigations and contracts take us offshore to the far reaches of the globe in search of assets: while our competitors may struggle against tricky language and custom barriers, our international connections and substantive resources allow us to locate deep-seated assets and sensitive banking information even in tightly-knit and heavily-monitored Asian countries.