Electronic Debugging

Electronic Debugging

Perth’s Leaders in Electronic Debugging

With sophisticated electronic cameras and listening devices being readily available for purchase over the internet, there has been an increase in their use both in domestic and commercial areas. It is illegal under the “Listening Devices Act” of Western Australia, and “Commonwealth Statutes” to use these devices.

It is also illegal to tap into fixed line telephones or use software to “hack” into mobile telephones. A classic example of this is the recent exposure of UK Newspapers hacking into mobile telephones.

The Perth Experts in Professional Bug Sweeps

Prior to a recent murder trial in Perth it was revealed that a person had installed a listening device on the home phone line to hear what his wife was saying. The person responsible for installing the device has since been dealt with by the courts.

The latest listening devices that are used are called GSM Bugs where the listening device, is activated by a “sim” card used in most mobile telephones. Affordable Private Investigators has the latest law enforcement grade equipment purchased from USA, and regularly upgrades their electronic debugging equipment to keep up with the new devices that come onto the market.

Electronic Debugging Services Perth Can Rely on

Whether it is a car, house, boardroom or commercial property in Perth, the team at Affordable Private Investigators can relieve any anxiety in your current situation by completing physical and electronic bug sweeps of the suspect situation.

On top of our electronic debugging services in Perth we are available for a wide range of other services, including: process serving, family court matters, insurance fraud, surveillance, missing persons, matrimonial and asset tracing investigations. We also have extensive experience conducting investigations on the ground in Thailand.

Affordable Private Investigators are available in Perth for immediate electronic debugging assistance. Contact us on 08 9330 9559 today for the most thorough bug sweeps in Perth.