Employee Theft

Employee Theft

Internal theft and pilfering by those placed in positions of responsibility and trust, to act in an honest and trustworthy manner, is particularly disagreeable. We all pay in the long term for other people’s dishonesty. In High Street and in our personal lives this may be through the increased process that we pay for the increase in day to day cost of living and insurance services. However, there is only so much that can be built into a costing structure in order to stay competitive.

You seek the reassurance of the truth and need to be in full possession of the facts in order to make an informed decision; this can apply equally to both professional and private lives, with simply the circumstances and outcomes being different.

The thought of surveillance may seem distasteful to some commercial enterprises and to some individuals, but often be the most appropriate course of action in sensitive situations. In order to verify information you need an independent and unbiased report, using reliable and professional source. At API we can help, by carrying out professional surveillance and by providing you with fully detailed authenticated reports backed up, if necessary and where possible, by video, photographic or audio evidence. We can also act on your behalf as professional witnesses to support you and your clients through process of law.

As a CRIME INVESTIGATION AGENCY we can help you to combat the challenges you face on a daily scale in the corporate world. The service offered by our trained private investigators can help put your company on a sure footing when you need to confront a situation that needs addressing. By being 100% confident that you’re making an informed and accurate decision with hard evidence, you can be sure of swift results in a timely manner.

By employing our private investigations service for matters regarding corporate investigations you will be sure of a highly-professional service that will allow you to spend more of your time elsewhere in your corporate business