Civil Litigation

Civil LitigationFactual investigations

Compiling briefs for court

In addition to providing highly specialised private investigative services, Affordable Private Investigators are also very proud to offer expert civil litigation services, compiling briefs for legal proceedings and conducting factual investigations to bolster your court case. We guarantee that the proper and fair outcome is achieved.

Affordable Private Investigators understand the very specific needs and requirements of both our clients and their attorneys currently involved in civil litigation proceedings. As such, Affordable Private Investigators offer numerous investigative solutions pertaining to civil litigation: our expert team of private investigators can help your attorney uncover and trace vital assets and locate key witnesses, as well as conduct exhaustive background checks on both litigants and witnesses.

Here at Affordable Private Investigators, all investigations conducted on behalf of our clients and their attorneys utilise highly experienced former Police officers and detectives to ensure that every step of the investigation is conducted lawfully, for results and evidence admissible in legal proceedings. We professionally cover every facet of civil litigation: from the first investigation through to the trial in court, as well as future legal proceedings, Affordable Private Investigators work with you at every stage, providing expert advice and professional assistance.

Irrespective of whether it’s on behalf of the Defendant or the Plaintiff, Affordable Private Investigators work closely with attorneys during the investigation of civil cases. This ensures that our expert investigators acquire and provide the crucial facts and evidence vital to your case’s success in court – from the very beginning of a civil lawsuit, through to asset tracing investigations, compiling evidence, negotiations, and finally a settlement or verdict.

Our comprehensive civil litigation services include:

  • Crime scene investigative services
  • Asset tracing investigations
  • Witness identification and interviewing
  • Background checks
  • Retrieving documents and evidence key to your case
  • Reviewing the evidence and critical documents
  • Comprehensive, evidence-based private investigations