In Depth Investigations and Surveillance

in depth investigationsI suspect that my partner isn’t being as totally faithful, honest, and open with me as they’re claiming to be. How can I silence my doubts?

I’m sure one of my business associates is attempting to cheat and defraud me. How can I prove it?

I want to help my close friend/loved one stop engaging in drug or alcohol abuse. What can I do?

These are all important, life-affecting questions that need to be answered: however, before any type of substantive confrontation or reconciliatory action can be attempted, hard-copy, physical proof is required. Irrefutable evidence is invaluable to successfully resolving these issues, as an argument or confrontation based on unfounded claims is sure to do more harm than good.

When it comes to getting all the details and knowing all the facts, look no further than Affordable Private Investigators. All your questions can be finally answered – your doubts laid to rest – with our professional, nationally-accredited video and photo surveillance solutions, as well as premier spousal infidelity investigations and industry-leading matrimonial investigations.

Providing Perth with professional Spousal Infidelity Investigations

Our expert trained surveillance private investigators can be trusted to be discreet and obtain the evidence you need.

You will be handed the evidence obtained with a report accompanied by high quality photographs and HD video DVD.

We use the latest high-quality Nikon cameras and Sony High Definition video cameras.

Here at Affordable Private Investigators, we conduct in depth investigations using comprehensive and high-definition surveillance solutions that utilise the latest in cutting-edge technology and high-tech covert equipment. Sometimes, discreet surveillance is the only option…

More often than not, a well-planned reconnaissance operation conducted by our specialist surveillance task-force serves as a sure-fire way to not only uncover information you had no possible way of knowing, but also prove or disprove those long-held, gnawing suspicions you were never able to substantiate. Affordable Private Investigators are very proud to specialise in spousal infidelity investigations and matrimonial surveillance – extremely delicate family matters that require complete discretion and total understanding.

Our surveillance investigations are in depth and affordable

There are many occurrences in life that may require physical investigation to obtain photographic or video evidence. Maybe your spouse or partner is not being as faithful and honest as you, a business associate might be trying to defraud you or perhaps a person you really care about has started a habit that is going to be harmful to them. You need to be a 100% certain before you take any action, but what if you are certain yet unable to prove it. Infidelity Investigations can help you to get an in depth idea on what is actually happening around the suspected partner or the partner who is cheating on you.

Before you can confront that person you need positive evidence with all the facts. If all other options have been exhausted, or are not practical, discrete surveillance can be the only way to find out what you need to know.

Get the peace of mind you deserve today

Our expertly-trained covert investigations can be trusted to be totally discreet in obtaining in depth, irrefutable evidence you need, employing tactical, law-abiding surveillance strategies. As our team only use the latest in sophisticated Nikon cameras and state-of-the-art Sony HD camcorders, every detailed and comprehensive surveillance report will be accompanied by high quality photographs and HD video footage stored on a DVD disc.

Rest easy with complete peace of mind – call Affordable Private Investigators today.